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TheCurlyDiva.com the one stop shop for all your curly hair care needs. We are devoted to providing natualistas with highest quality of hair care products and the latest information in curly hair care. Whether you’re a long time natural, or transitioning we are committed to equip you with the tools needed to maintain your mane’s moisture, length  and overall hair health.


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The Curly Diva Of The Week “Miriam”

1. Full Name (nick name if you desire) : Miriam Michelle Collins 2. Line of work/school/business: Fashion Business Major (Graduate in May of 2014) 3. Age: 22 4. Where are you from/What’s your current Location: I am from Toledo, Ohio but have lived in Chicago since 2010. 5. How long have you been natural? I […]


Da Ugly Phase

Once upon a time in a suburban neighborhood near you, there lived a beautiful young woman with a head full of long luxurious relaxed hair. Everyone just admired how bouncy and shiny her hair seemed; to many, her hair was “laid to the gawds” but in actuality her hair was “laid to rest”. Finally, she […]


“The Curly Diva Of The Week” Asantra !!!!!

1. Full Name : Asantra Green 2. Line of work/school/business : Junior at ULM 3. Age : 20 4. Where are you from/What’s your current Location: I am from Alexandria, Louisiana. 5. How long have you been natural? I have been natural for 2 years now and still counting! 6. What made you leave the creamy crack? I decided to leave […]

Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Isn’t Soft

1. EARTH’S MOISTURE – Your hair needs water!!! Though out most of our pressed and permed lives we have been running from water as if it were cryptonite to a black  woman’s hair. The truth of the matter is that our hair loves water and when it gets what it loves it thrives.   2. […]